About Us

From the Sea. Responsibly.

At Fair Catch Fishmongers, we pride ourselves in offering only premium, responsibly-sourced seafood. Fair Catch makes it a priority to know where all our seafood comes from so that what we sell meets our strict standards. We choose to only work with seafood industry partners that care as much as we do about the quality of fish on your table. As a proud partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program, we value transparency and make sure that each fish in our case is properly labeled with sourcing info and other important details so our customers know exactly what they are buying and eating.

About the Owners

Geneviève and Rob share a passion for seafood. Rob’s began as a young boy fishing for speckled trout in the streams and rivers around Nipigon, Ontario. Geneviève was raised in a Quebec household where oyster and lobster parties were a regular part of family life. Both of them also greatly respect the wellbeing of our oceans, lakes and rivers, and the wildlife that inhabit them. Together they started Fair Catch Fishmongers as a neighbourhood destination for customers in North Toronto to purchase high quality, sustainable seafood, safe in the knowledge that their purchase is ethically sourced – and super fresh!

Commitment to Sustainability

We are passionate about seafood. We also recognize our role in contributing to a world where our oceans, lakes and rivers are healthy and flourishing. Fair Catch is a neighbourhood fish and seafood market in North Toronto selling only certified sustainable product. We source as much of our fish from Canada as possible, to support local fishermen and reduce the environmental impact of importing from across the globe. Our customers are those who appreciate the freshest and highest quality seafood sourced in a responsible way.

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